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The Benson Base
Welcome to The Benson Base, a page devoted to the works of E.F.Benson.

E.F. (Edward Frederic) Benson is most famous for his "Mapp & Lucia" series of books, but he was also the author of some 100 or more titles, ranging from romances to 'spook' stories, and from biography and autobiography to instruction manuals and sporting texts.

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There are six "Mapp & Lucia" novels; in order of publication, these are 'Queen Lucia', 'Miss Mapp', 'Lucia in London', 'Mapp and Lucia', 'Lucia's Progress' and 'Trouble for Lucia'
Other books that explore similar themes and styles include 'Paying Guests' and 'Secret Lives'
The 'Mapp & Lucia' series is still available in the UK in two Penguin paperback volumes, "Lucia Rising" and "Lucia Victrix":

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and in the US the stories are being published in hardback by Moyer Bell
titles available so far are "Queen Lucia", "Miss Mapp", "Mapp & Lucia" and "Lucia's Progress" :
Moyer Bell 'Mapp & Lucia'
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There are also two sequels to the E.F.Benson novels, written by respected fantasy author Tom Holt; entitled 'Lucia in Wartime' and 'Lucia Triumphant', these were published by Black Swan but are, alas, now out of print, though you may occasionally find copies on auction sites (such as eBay and Amazon) or in second-hand book shops:

Mr Holt also wrote a small series of short stories exclusively for the Tilling Society; these are only available in the Tilling Society Newsletter (and if you are interested in E.F.Benson, you really should join!  Details below.)
More detailed information about Tom Holt can be found here.

Further, there are two unpublished novels, based on the characters in "Mapp & Lucia", written by Martin Wixted.  Sadly, Mr Wixted passed away before either novel could be published, but his friends and the increasing number of people who have seen his work, remain optimistic that they may be read by a wider audience soon.  His short story, "Nearer My God To Thee" was published in an edition of the E.F.Benson Society's annual journal, "The Dodo"

Several of EFB's works have been adapted for stage, screen, and radio, most recently the LWT series (for Channel 4) "Mapp & Lucia" (which is now available on video), starring Prunella Scales, Geraldine McEwan and Nigel Hawthorne

Season One Video Cover                                                Season Two Video Cover
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There is also a BBC Radio Collection adaptation of 'Queen Lucia', and a series of unabridged 'audiobooks'. (published in the UK by Isis).
These are read by Geraldine McEwan, Prunella Scales and Lisa Danielly.

Benson Links:
There are a variety of sites devoted to E.F.Benson and his work, as well as a lively discussion mailing list, which regularly discusses the books, as well as all sorts of things 'off-topic'!
Why not try some of the following sites and, if you like what you see and want to chat to like minded Benson fans, try subscribing to the mailing list!

Why not take a peek at the following site (from the creator of "The Paul Bines OnLine Experience!"):
(where you can also order a much wider range of E.F.Benson related items, including video's, audio tapes and books, including the forthcoming Penguin paperback of "As We Were"!

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(NOTE: if you have an E.F.Benson or "Mapp & Lucia" based website, and would like it included on this, by no means comprehensive, list, please email me!)

I have written a few short stories based on the characters and locations created by E.F.Benson.  These include:
'The Correspondence Coarse'
'A Locket Full of Woe'
'By The Silvery Light...'
There is also an adaptation of a chapter from 'Trouble for Lucia' written in a parody of Damon Runyon, called
'The Diva and the Dame'
I have also included the opening paragraphs of a 'work in progress'; my own attempt to write a 'Mapp & Lucia' novella entitled
"Lucia and The Other Tilling"
This is very much a rough, unfinished, draft and I would not like you to judge me upon it!
 My latest attempt, this time a Fred style 'Spook' story entitled:
'The Sharpness of Fire'
(As first seen at Mrs Trout's Halloween Ball)

  'An Ill Wind...'
A NEW 'Mapp & Lucia' story for 2002!  Written for the Benson Memorial day, 2002, and based VERY loosely on Tom Holt's excellent 'Mapp & Lucia' sequel "Lucia in Wartime" (Although, I have to say, the only bit I've 'borrowed' is the time period!)

'Cooking The Books'
Another new story, set in modern times, but referencing the Tilling characters, and written specially for the 2003 "Benson Birthday" celebrations - happy 136th birthday, Fred!

I make no claims for these tales, other than to say that I enjoyed writing them.
It should be noted that the characters and locations created by E.F.Benson are still in copyright due to the recent change in Copyright law in the UK;
However, all original aspects of the stories are © P.A.Bines

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