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Welcome to my website, and thank you for your visit!  I hope you find something of interest!
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I'm not the world's most interesting person, but I am one of the most interested!  Some of my interests are included on this site - others on other sites listed below.
I'm one of those people who knows they have at least one book in them - but who never, ever, gets around to actually writing it!  Instead, I write derivative short stories - some of which are on this site (but you don't have to read them, honest!) - and waste inordinate amounts of time redesigning this site, and finding other things to do that don't involve actually getting down to some work.
For information about me, and some of my holiday snaps(!), check out the 'Stuff I've Done' menu; for favourite authors and caartoonists, try the 'Authors, literature and other bookish stuff!' menu - for the other things I'm interested in, look at the 'Other Interests' menu.  Whatever you look at (if you look at anything at all!) I hope you find something useful.
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Occasional Flashes of interest
Life in a Cardboard World
Radio Tilling podcast
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Radio Tilling
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