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This is where I get to write, openly, about myself.
Give me a moment, will you?
Whilst you wait for me to come up with something even vaguely interesting, look at this...

It's me, aged 10.  I haven't changed that much; (well, I've put on a little weight, grown a beard, changed the glasses, straightened the tie...)
I was born in 1965 and, for those of you who are interested in that sort of thing, I am an Aquarian.
Poplar, East London, if you must know, but I moved, with my family, after a very short space of time to Basildon, in Essex,
which is where, apart from short periods away, I have lived ever since.
My education was no better and no worse than the average; I stayed on at secondary school to do 'A' levels in English Literature and Biology;
my exam results were not going to have the Oxbridge Universities clamouring for me to join them and so I got a full time job working for a car and cycle accessory
store in the Town Centre.
After roughly three years I moved to a computing job in London and, although the company changed name and ownership several times since I joined them,
I managed to hang on (until 1999)
I started off as a glorified data entry clerk and moved on to the Computer operations side of things, eventually becoming a shift leader on a permanent night shift.  After 18 months of working nights I transferred onto the Service Centre, and then onto Messaging Support (which includes Internet, Telex/Fax and X400 systems) - the following picture shows what I looked like at the time:

Just a little bit different from the first picture, eh?
I was gradually moving into Network support when, after 15 years I was 'let go';
I eventually found my way to an enjoyable job at a local scanning company - I have now been there nearly 7 years.

Claims To Fame: I was taught French by Alison Moyet's Mum (True!) and I sold a bicycle chain to a member of Depeche Mode.  (Also true; this sort of thing happens when you live in Basildon;
I also sold a kiddy trike to Fatima Whitbread!)

My interests; well, if you've taken the time to e-flick through the other pages on this site you'll probably already
have a good idea of what my interests are, but just in case, I'll summarise.
I am very fond of reading, writing and collecting; (I can get somewhat compulsive about the latter!)
If you want to see a list of my favourite authors check out the BookWorm page; one of my particular faves is E.F.Benson
I collect Trading Cards, First Day Covers, Mugs, Signed books and other autographs (though I'm picky).
I have a large video collection, mostly Science Fiction (I know, I know, you can tell, can't you!), though I do have a number of 'classic' movies and rather a lot of comedies.
I also have a couple of weblogs; "Life in a Cardboard World", which concentrates on my non-sport trading card activities, and "Occasional Flashes of Interest" which is my general area (both hosted by Blogspot)
I also produce and present a podcast about non-sport trading cards, UK CardCast, which is available on iTunes and other Podcast directories.
I am notoriously untidy; I periodically make attempts to straighten up my house, replacing things on shelves and into cupboards, rearranging my book and video collections and disposing of things I really don't need or want (usually at Boot Sales, though the occasional trip to a Charity shop has been known!)  However, the new, minimalist, tidy me usually lasts for, at most, three weeks.

I am shy.  People who know me may not realise this, but I am.  With people I know I am relatively relaxed and chatty (TOO chatty, some would say), but put me into a room with a load of new people and I lurk in one corner, listening to everyone else; either that or I semi-invent a character or personality.
I also name-drop like mad!

Onto the inevitable interest in Science Fiction.  I first got into SF when my dad used to let me watch early "Star Trek" episodes; this was in the good old days of Kirk and Spock and Bones McCoy.  I also watched "Doctor Who" (from the Jon Pertwee era onwards) and the original series of "The Tomorrow People".
However, apart from the odd book, (such as the works of Alfred Bester; (and I knew that name well before I ever heard of the Psi Corps...), I got out of the habit of SF until a colleague at work re-introduced me to Trek, via "The Next Generation".
The same colleague is to blame for introducing me to "Babylon 5" and for getting me into attending Conventions.
Now, I'm a fairly hardened SF fan, even going so far as to edit a fanzine called "USS Beagle"
I draw the line at dressing up though...
...Well, apart from when I'm on holiday...

(taken at the Grand Canyon in 1998)

Currently, I am working an a new 'novel' with a vaguely SF theme, which I may or may not post first on this website.
(If this bit is highlighted or underlined, click it to read the 'novel')
If there are any publishers out there who like what they see, please email me!