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Paul Bines

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Science Fiction Page
I'm a big fan of the Science Fiction Genre!
I was the Editor of  the 'USS Beagle' fanzine, which is now, (alas!), no more, (there is an on-line version; see the link below!)
Particular favourites include Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5, Red Dwarf, Discworld, Hitch-Hiker, Doctor Who, Xena and The X-Files.
Favourite authors in the genre (or, at least, vaguely genre related) include Tom Holt, K.J.Parker, William Shatner, Terry Pratchett, Alfred Bester and Stephen Molstad (amongst many others)

Visit the 'USS Beagle' website, set up and administered by
Rita Wong and Aaron Singline, (thanks guys!):

Other SF related sections on this site:
"The Paul Bines Online Experience" is proud to host

The Babylon 5 Experience
(Courtesy of Jeff Haas)
The Alien Voices Section
(an unofficial fan page devoted to the work of Alien Voices)
The Diary of an Anorak
(A 'work in progress'!)
Tom Holt
Bibliography, information, pictures and interviews with the author of Comic Fantasy and Historical novels 
Terry Pratchett
Page devoted to the Discworld creator

On Release or Out Soon!

Any of the Star Trek video/DVD collection can be found by clicking here to go to the Star Trek section - or by clickong on the pictures/links below to order directly from (UK Region 2 - links to US Region 1 ( coming soon!)

Star Trek The Next Generation

 Season One
Season Two
Season Three
Season Four
Season Five
Season Six
Season Seven

Star Trek Deep Space Nine
DS9 Season 1 DVD box set
Season One
Season Two (pre-order - release date 28/04/2003)

Star Trek - The Movies
Star Trek - The Movies DVD box set
Box Set Movies 1 to 9 (Region 1 DVD -

Babylon 5
The long awaited DVD release of Babylon 5 - complete with loads of extras (including JMS interviews apparently!)

Season One

Red Dwarf
Red Dwarf Series 1 DVD Box SetRed Dwarf Series 2 DVD Box Set
At Last!!! Red Dwarf is now on DVD - click on the pictures to order the UK Region 2 box sets!

Star Wars

Star Wars: Episode One: The Phantom Menace
PAL VHS from       NTSC VHS from
REGION 2 DVD from        REGION 1 DVD from
Star Wars: Episode Two: Attack of The Clones
PAL VHS from       NTSC VHS from
REGION 2 DVD from        REGION 1 DVD from

Episode One and Two DVD Set (Region 2)

Lord Of The Rings

The Fellowship Of The Ring (2001)
PAL Extended VHS from  NTSC Extended VHS from
REGION 2 Extended DVD from  REGION 1 Extended DVD from
REGION 2 Collectors Edition DVD from   REGION 1 Collectors Edition DVD from
Shows & Films:
The Official Lord of the Rings Film Trilogy Site:

The Station The Official Babylon 5 and Crusade Fan Club site
The Official Star Trek site:
The Official Star Wars site
The Official Red Dwarf
The Official Xena Site
Centropolis (ID4/Godzilla/Stargate)

Claudia Christian (Babylon 5)
 Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead/Xena/Hercules):
Robert Llewellyn (Red Dwarf/Scrapheap)

DelRey Books  US publishers of SF and related books (Including Babylon 5 titles)
Orbit Books  British publishers of Tom Holt, K.J.Parker, Iain M. Banks and others

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