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I've long been a fan of the Daily Mirror comic strip "The Perishers" by Maurice Dodd and Dennis Collins.
Alas, both are now no longer with us, but (as far as I know) the strip continues with new artists/writers, and there are any number of books available (if you look carefully) which show the strip at it's best.
This is just a humble fan's brief introduction to "The Perishers" - there are a number of other websites which have more and better content than this - links below!
All the information on this page has been gleaned from the various Perishers books in my collection - which is, admittedly, not as many as I'd like!  So, if anything is inaccurate, it's the fault of those books.  Ipso Facto, my case rests, as Wellington might have said.

The images are copyright to the Daily Mirror and have been used here without their permission - if required, I will, of course, remove them from this page - the copyright owner only has to ask politely!

RIP Maurice Dodd 1922-2005
It has been announced by his family that Maurice Dodd passed away on December 31st, 2005.  His loss is a sad one, and I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to his family.

This page is still under construction, so please forgive the entirely temporary lack of any content - this will be rectified just as soon as I can sell this buggie...

A philosophical scruff, Wellington has a wide range of interests, which mostly depend on him selling Marlon (see below) a new buggie.  Shares Birthday with the Anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt, though he is somewhat reticent about this...  Shares a living space (currently a disused railway station, courtesy of Dr. Beeching (webpage loses younger surfers here...)) with Boot (see below)
An Old English Sheepdog (sort of) in this life, but Boot was previously of a far higher station (King's Cross).  Debatably believed (by a small pool of crabs) to be the nearest thing to God.  As Captain O'Boot, he was compelled to turn down the plaintive request of a sultry maiden, and as a result was cursed to live as a dog (sort of).  As he often mused ruefully "Should have bought those dam' clothes pegs..."
What can one say of Maise that she wouldn't get Beryl Bogey to hit you with an Opinion Pole for?  Somewhere under that lumpy exterior is the lumpy interior of a girl.   Is somehow related to Baby Grumpling (see below), which explains the semi-permanent look of disgruntlement on what passes for her face.  Love of her life: Marlon (a girl can't be choosy).  Nemesis: Blossom McGinsberg.  Weapon of choice: the aforementioned Beryl Bogey and the Opinion Pole.
Yes.  Well.  This was always going to be the difficult bit.  What to write about Marlon?  He likes Buggies, trendy threads and Inch-Thick-Ketchup sandwiches.  He's not too sure about Maisie.  He's an inventor, an author (who can forget his touching, gripping and rib-tickling tales about an Elephant's Foot Umbrella Stand?  OK, you can all put your hands down...)  Aim in life:  To be a Brain Surgeon.  Or a bloke wot goes down the sewer in big boots.
Inventor of the Worm Sandwich, the Worm Milkshake, the Worm Roll and (quite possibly) the Worm Bagel, Baby Grumpling is not so much a child, more a declaration of war.  His hole digging abilities are legendary - ask anyone who has fallen down one.

There are other characters - many more in fact - and as soon as I get time I'll be adding details here!  In the meantime, here are some pictures of some of the books, and some links to other Perishers related sites for you to consider.

The 1974 Omnibus edition

The 1975 Omnibus edition

The 1976 Omnibus edition

If you have a Perishers related site or page, please email me
I'm happy to add new links here (and will be more than happy
to have you link to me in return!)

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The Eyeballs In The Sky (religion for beginners)
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