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Tom Holt Interview
A.B.T-H Meet Report
I first got into the books of Tom Holt when I found I had finished the "Mapp & Lucia" books, by E.F.Benson, and discovered that I didn't want the adventures to end.  Luckily, I saw Tom Holt's two sequels, "Lucia in Wartime" and "Lucia Triumphant" in a bookshop, so I bought them!  After finishing them off, I realised that there was more to Tom Holt than a pair of E.F.Benson sequels; he had also written a series of 'Comic Fantasy' novels, which I gradually bought and devoured.  Now, I'm  'a bit of a fan', with a complete collection of the novels on my bookshelf, (some of which are signed!)
I can strongly recommend the following newsgroup:
for keen fans of all things Holtian wishing to discuss his works (and other things) with like-minded folks.  Though there's not actually that  much discussion of his works (well, someone will occasionally mention one by mistake, and everyone else will post stating that that is technically O/T...)  It's more of a village community with lots of friendly chat, excellent conversations, and Absolutely No Tunnels.  Fish puns are also, alas, banned.
Mr Holt has been known to post there on occasion...
Orbit have introduced new cover designes for the Tom Holt Comic Fantasy books - the links below will point to whatever version Amazon.co.uk has - where possible, I will put up pictures of both covers (for interest!)
I have now added some of the new cover designs for the Omnibus Editions - more as and when I find them!
NEWS!!! a.b.t-h held it's first ever 'Meet', on 3rd June 2000 in Hayes, Middlesex.  A number of reports and pictures are available here.
I was there and my own pictures are here
New Releases May Contain Traces of Magic The Better Mousetrap
"May Contain Traces of Magic"
(Hardback) - Due June 4th 2009
"The Better Mousetrap" (Hardback) - Out Now! "A Song For Nero"
(Paperback) by Thomas Holt (it's the same guy, honest!)
- Out Now!
'Lucia Triumphant' by Tom Holt "Lucia Triumphant" the long out-of-print sequel to the "Mapp & Lucia" series created by E.F.Benson.  This book, one of Tom's first (not counting the infamous 'PBTH' :) , is being reissued in the US by Moyer Bell, who have done an excellent job of reissuing the original E.F.Benson novels over the last few years.
It's available to pre-order on Amazon.com - click on the picture!
At time of revisions to this page (January 2004) there is no sign of either this book, or the other 'Lucia' novel by Tom Holt, "Lucia in Wartime" - we live in hope that it WILL appear sometime soon...
Also available, on Amazon.com, is "Expecting Beowulf", a US omnibus which contains "Expecting Someone Taller" and "Who's Afraid of Beowulf"
The following is a list of his books - it is complete with one notable exception - which is out of print anyway and you probably wouldn't want it even if I told you what it was, which I won't, lest Mr Holt is reading this and sends retribution my way.  Suffice it to say, it was written a VERY LONG TIME AGO and features POEMS.
(Click on the picture to order the book from Amazon.co.uk!  All link to the paperback edition unless otherwise stated.)
Comic Fantasy
Expecting Someone Taller Who's Afraid of Beowulf? Flying Dutch Ye Gods! Overtime
Expecting Someone Taller Who's Afraid of Beowulf Flying Dutch Ye Gods! Overtime
Here Comes The Sun Grainblazers Faust Among Equals Odds and Gods Djinn Rummy
Here Comes the Sun Grailblazers Faust Among Equals Odds and Gods Djinn Rummy
My Hero Paint Your Dragon Open Sesame Wish You Were Here? Only HumanOnly Human - new cover
My Hero Paint Your Dragon Open Sesame Wish You Were Here Only Human
Show White and the Seven SamuraiSnow White and the Seven Samurai - new cover Valhalla by Tom HoltValhalla - new cover Nothing But Blue Skies by Tom HoltNothing But Blue Skies - new cover Falling Sideways by Tom HoltFalling Sideways - new cover Little People - new cover
Snow White and the Seven Samurai Valhalla Nothing But Blue Skies Falling Sideways Little People
The Paul Carpenter Trilogy
In Your Dreams Earth, Air, Fire and Custard You Don't Have To Be Evil To Work Here But It Helps (phew!)
The Portable Door In Your Dreams Earth, Air, Fire and Custard You Don't Have To Be Evil To Work Here But It Helps Barking
Omnibus Editions
The First Tom Holt OmnibusDead Funny - Omnibus 1 new cover Mightier Than The Sword - Omnibus 2 new cover Divine Comedies - Omnibus 3 new cover For Two Nights Only - Omnibus 4 new cover Tall Stories - Omnibus 5
"Dead Funny - Omnibus 1" - Contains 'Flying Dutch' & 'Faust Among Equals' "Mightier Than The Sword: Omnibus 2" 
Contains 'My Hero' & 'Who's Afraid of Beowulf?"
"The Divine Comedies: 
Omnibus 3" 
Contains 'Here Comes The Sun' & 'Odds and Gods'
"For Two Nights Only: 
Omnibus 4"
Contains 'Overtime' & 'Grailblazers'
"Tall Stories: 
Omnibus 5"
Contains 'Expecting Someone Taller' & 'Ye Gods!' 
Saints and Sinners - Omnibus 6 Fishy Wishes - Omnibus 7
"Saints and Sinners: Omnibus 6"
Contains 'Paint Your Dragon' & 'Open Sesame' 
"Fishy Wishes: 
Omnibus 7"
Contains 'Wish You Were Here' & 'Djinn Rummy' 
Historical Novels
Olympiad by Tom Holt Meadowland
The Walled Orchard Alexander At The World's End Olympiad A Song For Nero Meadowland
Other Quick Reads - Someone Like Me In 2006, a series of short books was produced in an attempt to encourage more prople to read - Tom was one of those invited to contribute a story; the result, "Someone Like Me" is a dark and gripping story.
Someone Like Me - Quick Reads
Tom Holt Links
Orbit Books (Tom Holt's publishers)
The Tom Holt Webpage by Calle
(STRONGLY Recommended to ALL Tom Holt Fans!)
Uwe Milde's Tom Holt page
Suzie's Book Pages
Contains comments about some of Tom Holt's work
USS Beagle Interview
(this is an interview Tom Holt gave to the Editor of the
USS Beagle Fanzine, via the internet.
Many thanks to Mr Holt for agreeing to be interviewed!
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