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I am afflicted by a serious addiction; namely collecting Non-Sport Trading Cards.
I mainly collect Star Trek, Babylon 5, The X-Files and Xena: Warrior Princess, although I have been known to get other cards when they interest me.
I have been amazingly lucky with some of the cards I've managed to get 'at random' in packs; Past successes include the highly sought after Leonard Nimoy Autograph card from the Skybox "Star Trek The Original Series Season 3" set (I got the box cheap too!), the William Shatner/Leonard Nimoy dual autograph card from the Rittenhouse ARchive "Star Trek 35th" set, the the odd one or two rare costume cards - amongst many other finds!
If you would be interested in trading with me, please feel free to Email me!  I have loads of doubles, in both single cards and complete sets -  there are some insert or chase card doubles and I even have the odd Autograph card to spare!
Mostly Trek, but I do have some others -  I'm reasonably flexible, as long as the postage is covered and there's a little left over to buy some more cards then I'm happy to deal!
I also have been known to sell on the eBay auction site
Links to Trading Card Sites
General Card Sites Amok Times Star Trek Collectibles An excellent site that lists every known Star Trek Trading card, CCG, Sticker, Pog and more.
Non-Sport Update Magazine This is the online presence of Non-Sport Update Magazine, and is positively the BIBLE of trading card collectors; each issue is crammed full of information about new and old card releases, intelligent articles about related topics, price guides and loads more.  I can strongly recommend the online store, where you can take out subscriptions to the magazine, and purchase back issues (most of which contain free Promo Cards!)  You can also join the lively and informative "Card TAlk" Message board (I post there regularly!)
Card Collectors British card dealer with wide range of non-sport cards and boxes available online.
Collect@Webjon.com An excellent site with lots of useful and interesting features, including an autograph card gallery with cards from a wide variety of sets (the overlap between Jon's gallery and my own is small - Jon does not collect Trek or Babylon 5!), and a box breakdown section with hundreds of listings for new and not-so-new sets.
Manufacturers sites Topps Home Home to Topps Inc., (Formerly Star Wars, The X-Files, Xena, currently X-Men, Marvel); also Merlin Europe (which has a online ordering facility for Topps Merlin products)
Fleer Skybox Home of Fleer Skybox Inc. (Formerly Star Trek, Babylon 5, various films)
Rittenhouse Archive Issues Star Trek, Twilight Zone, Farscape, Stargate SG1, Xena, Hercules and more!
Inkworks The Official Inkworks website, with information about new and forthcoming releases, and details on how to get special, exclusive the the web, promo cards!
Strictly Ink British Trading Card company - Past and present releases include "Doctor Who", "CSI" and "The Avengers"
Cards Inc Another British company, responsible for "Thunderbirds", "Captain Scarlet", "The Saint", "The Prisoner" and other sets.
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