Last Update: 16/02/2006
The E.F.Benson Society E.F.Benson (Sketch by Patrick Hamill)
Back to "Home" The E.F.Benson Society is devoted to the life and work of the author and biographer, E.F.Benson.  Based in Rye, Benson's home for many years, the society regularly produces publications of Benson's works.  The society hold events in Rye during the summer and also conducts tours around the town, pointing out sights of particular interest to Benson afficionados.
Members receive a regular newsletter and a magazine "The Dodo" annually.
For up-to-date membership information, please write (mentioning this website if possible!) to:
The E.F.Benson Society,
The Old Coach House,
High Street,
East Sussex,
TN31 7JF
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