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Fred - As He Was!
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A Picture Gallery
The following are pictures of Fred (and his family) taken from some of Fred's autobiographical books
If I have infringed copyright, I apologise - please do get in touch and I will remove anything that breaches said copyright!
All images are taken from my personal copies of Fred's books.
If you have any previously unseen pictures of Fred and/or his family (by unseen we mean previously unpublished),
please email us!  All pictures will, with permission, be added to this page with full credits as required.
Fred at 19 Fred at 22
Fred at 19 Fred at 22
Fred at 25 (Pictures taken from "Our Family Affairs 1867-1896" Cassell and Company, Ltd. edition 1920)
Fred at 25
Colourisation of a photograph found in "As We Were"
Patrick Hamill sketch A 'Sketch' trading card of Fred, generously given to the website team by the artist, Patrick Hamill (a talented sketch artist, Mr Hamill has produced hand-drawn sketch cards for a number of non-sport trading card manufacturers!)
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