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E.F.Benson (Sketch by Patrick Hamill)
Back to "Home" Want to purchase something by Fred, but simply cannot find it?  Well, Twistevant's is the answer!  Wherever possible, we have included links to every E.F.Benson related item currently available for sale via the internet; select the picture of the item you are interested in buying and a link will take you directly to the site selling it!
Links are to (formerly (for PAL video tapes and Region 2 DVD's), (for NTSC videotapes, Region 1 DVD's and US book editions), (for UK book editions), and Isis Publishing for unabridged Audio Books.
If you see (UK), following the link will take you to the relevant item on or  If you see (US), the link will take you to
Prices and availability can vary; please check the site when you follow the link.  Any and all purchases are subject to the sellers terms and conditions.  If you have any questions about purchases, delivery etc., you should take them up with the site concerned!
You should note that following any of the links in Twistevant's will take you away from
Courtesy of, there is a new section called ' gifts' on the Fourth Floor - following this link will take you to a selection of gifts, including Tee-shirts, mugs, mousemats, calendars, stickers and even postage stamps, featuring this webpage or Fred himself!  Following this link (or clicking on the banner below) will take you to the efbenson page on the site (and away from  A percentage of all sales made through Twistevant's (with the exception of Isis Audiobooks) goes towards the upkeep of
(Please note: CafePress is based in the USA and so their postage charges reflect this)
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