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E.F.Benson (Sketch by Patrick Hamill)
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Major Benjy "Major Benjy" by Guy Fraser-Sampson - the first 'Official' addition to the "Mapp & Lucia" series in over 20 years.
(UK) - Order from
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"Mapp & Lucia" - the new hardback edition by Prion 
The Freaks of Mayfair - Prion Books 2001 "The Freaks of Mayfair" by E.F.Benson with illustrations by George Plank
A witty collection of fictional 'portraits', including some of characters familiar to fans of the Mapp & Lucia series! (UK)
"As We Were: A Victorian Peepshow" - Fred's excellent memoir of Victorian/Edwardian life and society.
Published by Penguin (UK)
Mapp & Lucia "Mapp & Lucia" - The two leading ladies in Fred's life meet in the quaint seeside town of Tilling - published as part of the "Penguin Classics" series. (UK)
Penguin 'Lucia Rising' Omnibus edition "Lucia Rising" - A Penguin Omnibus of the first three 'Lucia' novels, "Queen Lucia", "Miss Mapp" and "Lucia in London". (UK) Penguin 'Lucia Victrix' Omnibus edition "Lucia Victrix" - A Penguin Omnibus of the second three 'Lucia' novels, "Mann & Lucia", "Lucia's Progress" and "Trouble for Lucia". (UK)
Moyer Bell
Moyer Bell 'Queen Lucia' "Queen Lucia" The first of the 'Lucia' sequence', in which we are introduced to the inhabitants of the quaint Cotswolds town of Riseholme, and to their 'Queen' Emmeline 'Lucia' Lucas.  (US) Moyer Bell 'Miss Mapp' "Miss Mapp" - the second of the 'Lucia' sequence, though the Queen of Riseholme does not appear in it!  This is our introduction to Rye, and to the splendid Miss Elizabeth Mapp. (US)
"Lucia in London" which Lucia aims to make London her own - and very nearly succeeds... (US) Moyer Bell 'Mapp & Lucia' "Mapp & Lucia" At last, the two rivals for the Social throne of Tilling meet!  This is the book upon which the LWT/Channel 4 TV series was based (along with the volumes that follow)  (US)
"Lucia's Progress" The battle for the Social Crown of Tilling continues apace, with marriages and alliances being formed left, right and centre!.  (US) Trouble for Lucia - Moyer Bell "Trouble for Lucia" The last of the E.F.Benson 'Lucia' sequence, and things come to a head... (US)
"Lucia Triumphant" the long awaited reissue (by Moyer Bell) of Tom Holt's excellent 'sequel' to the 'Mapp & Lucia' novels!   (US)
Other Publishers
Desirable Residences "Desirable Residences" - the OUP collection of Short stories, edited by Jack Adrian.  Includes a previously unpublished (in book form) Miss Mapp story! (US) US 'Collected Ghost Stories' "The Collected Ghost Stories..." Carroll & Graf Publishers, Inc, edited by Richard Dalby (US)
Colin II "Colin II" - published by Millevres (US) Ravens' Brood "Raven's Brood" - Published by Millevres (US)
Some Social Criminals - E.F.Benson Society "Some Social Criminals" - Published by The E.F.Benson Society. (UK) Queen Lucia "Queen Lucia" - The first of the 'Lucia' series, published by Wildside Press 2004 (UK)
Crescent and Iron Cross "Crescent and Iron Cross"; R A Kessinger Publishing Co (UK) Queen Lucia "Queen Lucia" - Another edition of the first of the 'Lucia' series, this time published by Dodo Press 2005 (US)
The Blotting Book "The Blotting Book" a crime novel by Fred and publsihed by Aegypan/Wildside in 2005 (UK) The Blotting Book "The Blotting Book" a crime novel by Fred and published by Dodo Press 2005 (US)
Michael "Michael" published by Wildside Press 2004 (UK) The Collected Ghost Stories "The Collected Ghost Stories" published by Constable and Robinson 2001 (UK)
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