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E.F.Benson (Sketch by Patrick Hamill)
Back to "Home" After much campaigning, and a VERY long wait, the LWT/Channel 4 TV adaptation of the last three
"Lucia" books, "Mapp & Lucia" was issued on VHS.  Of course, no sooner had the tapes started to
appear in the shops, than people started asking when the DVD version would be available...
Now, both are out, and links to them can be found on this page.

A brief word about formats - VHS editions come in two versions, the European PAL system
(also playable in Australia and New Zealand) and NTSC (USA and pretty much everywhere else!)
DVD comes in both Region One (USA) and Region Two (Europe - including the UK)
Unless you have a VHS/DVD player that is compatable with both formats, you should always check to see which you should buy. 

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Series One (UK) Series Two (UK) Box Set containing both series on 4 tapes (UK)
Series One (US) Series Two (US)
For some reason, Series Two was never released on it's own on DVD in the UK!
Unfortunately, the DVD editions do not have any 'extras' - it would have been nice to see some interviews with the surviving cast members, for instance, or perhaps a brief biography of Benson.  The episodes are, considering their age, well presented on the DVD - the only slight irritation is that the music leading into the advertising breaks has been somewhat harshly edited, resulting in a noticable 'jump' in the soundtrack.
Series 1 and 2
Series One (UK) Box Set containing both series on 3 discs (UK)
Series 2
Series One (US) Series Two (US)
Other DVD's - R2 Other DVD's - R1
Dead of Night "Dead of Night" is one of those 'Portmanteau' films which cisisted of a number of short stories with a linking 'plot' - this is one of the better ones, or particular interest to Benson fans as it contains a version of "The Bus Conductor" by E.F.Benson - More details on the film are on IMDB
On the left is the UK/Region 2 version;
on the right is the US/Region 1 version (coupled, if you'll excuse the phrase, with "Queen of Spades")
Dead of Night
Dead of Night (1945)(UK) Dead of Night (1945)(US)
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