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E.F.Benson (Sketch by Patrick Hamill)
Back to "Home" Audio Books have become very popular in recent years, and so some of Fred's books have been adapted.
Isis Publishing, in particular, have produced an excellent set of UNABRIDGED recordings of the Benson 'Lucia' sequence, and have recently started to issue the Tom Holt sequels as well!
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Isis Unabridged Editions Please note: clicking on any of the Isis links will take you straight to the selected title on the Isis website in a new window.
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Queen Lucia
read by Geraldine McEwan
Our introduction to Lucia in an entertaining reading by Geraldine McEwan, who played Lucia in the TV series.  ICD92013 IAB91013 Miss Mapp ISBN 1-85089-769-7
Miss Mapp
read by Prunella Scales
Prunella Scales is, by far, the favourite reader of Benson Audio books; here she returns to the role of Miss Mapp that she played in the TV series! ICD90113 IAB90113

Lucia in London
read by Geraldine McEwan
Geraldine McEwan returns (as does Lucia!) in another enjoyable look as Riseholme life. ICD92033 IAB92033 Mapp and Lucia ISBN 1-85089-748-4
Mapp and Lucia
read by Prunella Scales
At last the two 'grande dame' meet and it is Prunella Scales who returns to do the reading. ICD90084 IAB90084
Lucia's Progress ISBN 1-85089-593-6
Lucia's Progress
read by Prunella Scales
Mapp and Lucia's further adventures in Tilling, told by Prunella Scales. ICD92072 IAB92072 Trouble for Lucia
Trouble for Lucia
read by Lisa Danielly
The last of the six Benson novels, read by Lisa Danielly.  Unfortunately, the reading is not all it could be - some of the characterisations Ms. Danielly uses are grating.  A completist will, of course, what to have this in their collection, but after the excellent Prunella Scales readings (and the almost as good Norma West readings of the Holt sequels), this volume jars. ICD93082 IAB93082
Tom Holt
Isis Lucia In Wartime
Lucia in Wartime
read by Norma 
The first of two sequels written by Tom Holt - the first 'novels' published by the author who would later receive critical acclaim for his comic fantasy and historical novels.  War has been declared, and the residents of Tilling do all they can to support the war effort - whilst continuing to score points off of each other, of course!  Excellently read by Norma West (Isis could do worse than to get Ms. West to re-record "Trouble for Lucia"!  ICD030111 IAB030111 Lucia Triumphant
Lucia Triumphant
read by Norma West
The second of the two Tom Holt sequels, though chronologically, this is set before "Lucia in Wartime". Lucia starts a Tilling Tapestry, but her best laid plans go awry when Elisabeth Mapp-Flint returns from holiday with a Monopoly set... 
The reader is Norma West, who did such an excellent job on "Lucia in Wartime" and she is just as good in this, probably the stronger of the two Holt sequels.
ICD030412 IAB030412
Other Audio Books (from
"Mapp & Lucia" - Harper Collins audio book (abridged onto two casssettes) - read by Prunella Scales (UK) (This appears to be a completely different recording from the Isis unabridged version above, but if anyone knows differently...!)  There are two different covers for this; the other is a stylised 'water colour' illustration - the recordings are, however, identical. The Monkey's Paw "The Monkey's Paw & Other Tales of Terror"
- read by Victor Garber (Star of "Alias") - includes "Caterpillars" by E.F.Benson.  Publisher - Durkin Hayes Publishing (UK)
(no image available!) "Classic Vampire Short Stories"
- read by Richard Pascoe - CSA Tell Tapes -features Fred's story "Mrs Amherst" (UK)
"Country Living Christmas Story Collection"
- read by Michael Kitchen -Hodder Headline tapes - features a Fred story "The Man Who..." (UK)
Other Audio Books (from
(no image available!) "Queen Victoria"
- read by William Sutherland (US)
"Queen Lucia: Make Way For Lucia"
- read by Nadia May - Blackstone Audio Books (Special Order)(US)
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