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Benson's Book Covers! E.F.Benson (Sketch by Patrick Hamill)
Back to "Home" The works of E.F.Benson have, as popular works, been reprinted many times.  This section shows some of the variations in cover design that have appeared over the years; as such it may prove useful when searching in secondhand bookshops etc.!
.  It is by no means complete; if you have an E.F.Benson cover or dust jacket not shown here (other than the Black Swan paperbacks, which appear elsewhere on this web page!), please email us!  We are particularly interested in surviving dustjackets of early or first editions; also in foreign language editions, and magazine covers.
Thanks to Alistair Kerr and Nancy Thompson, (Siriami and Susan Leg, respectively, of the Benson Mailing List!), "Queen Charlotte's Mittens" and a number of anonymous friends for their help in providing information and scans of some of these covers!
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