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Tom Holt Sequels
Back to "Home" The Mapp & Lucia stories have inspired many to attempt to emulate them, to varying degrees of success. Amongst the few to have actually been published are the two novels by Tom Holt, "Lucia in Wartime" and "Lucia Triumphant".  The books were published by MacMillan in hardback and Black Swan in paperback with covers to match the then current editions of the original series, with illustrations by Lynda Reiss.  US publisher Moyer Bell did announce it's intention to re-publish in the early 2000's but things went very quiet. Alas, neither title is currently available (though we might hope for some enterprising publisher to reprint them sometime soon?) and so copies are highly sought after on eBay with prices to match.
Lucia In Wartime by Tom Holt Lucia Triumphant by Tom Holt
Lucia In Wartime Lucia Triumphant
Pictures are of the Black Swan UK paperback editions, published in 1986/7
Cover illustrations by Lynda Reiss, The Stable Shop Gallery.
Holt also wrote (for The Tilling Society) two Mapp & Lucia inspired short stories, though these are not commercially available.
Tom Holt has written more than 20 other books, mostly comic fantasy and historical fiction; most, if not all, of these books are still available.  If you would like to know more about these, please follow this link to "The Paul Bines OnLine Experience", where his other works are listed.
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