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Benson's Book Covers - The 'Lucia' sextet. E.F.Benson (Sketch by Patrick Hamill)
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The six volumes that make up the Lucia series, along with the Ghost Stories, are probably the most popular of Fred's works, and it is no surprise that there have been a great many editions, issued by various different publishers.  This page has a few of the most recent editions; if you have any not on this page, please email us!
We are particularly interested in surviving dust jackets of early or first editions; also in foreign language editions.
Queen Lucia Miss Mapp Lucia in London Mapp and Lucia Lucia's Progress/The Worshipful Lucia Trouble For Lucia
Signet 'Lucia in London' Signet Mapp & Lucia Signet The Worshipful Lucia Signet Trouble For Lucia
A 'Mills & Boon'-ish edition published by Signet in 1971
Heinemann 'Lucia in London' 1986 Trouble For Lucia 1968 HB
Heinemann hardback reissue from 1986 (a facsimile edition)
The somewhat grotesque Corgi editions (1979)
Corgi 'Queen Lucia'
Corgi 'Miss Mapp' Lucia in London Corgi 1979
Moyer Bell re-issued the stories in new covers; shows above are Queen Lucia, Miss Mapp, Lucia in London, Mapp & Lucia and Lucia's Progress.  The Queen Lucia cover appears to be a 'tweaked' picture of Geraldine McEwan from the Television series, though we could be mistaken; Lucia in London seems to be the same picture, 'flipped' and re-coloured!
Moyer Bell 'Queen Lucia' Moyer Bell 'Miss Mapp' Moyer Bell 'Lucia in London' Moyer Bell 'Mapp & Lucia' Moyer Bell 'Lucia's Progress' Moyer Bell 'Trouble for Lucia'
The Worshipful Lucia (UK Ttitle: Lucia's Progress) Trouble for Lucia
Popular Library, New York (US) paperback.  "The Worshipful Lucia" has one of the more accurate covers as it depicts the Garden Room of 'Mallards' (actually Lamb House in Rye)
A rare First Edition dust jacket for "Lucia's Progress" (Thanks to Miss Leg for finding this!)
In 1984, Harper & Row Perennial Library issued the complete set of 6 novels with cover illustrations by Marie Michal. In 1986-7, Harper & Row re-issued the set, with the same illustrations, but in a slightly larger format, and with a slightly different colour scheme (With, apparently, the exception of "Mapp & Lucia" which had a cover taken from the then current TV series!)
1984 edition
1986-7 edition; It should be noted that the picture representing the '86-'87 edition of "Queen Lucia"  is a recreation of the cover based on the design of the others in the set; a scan of the real thing could not be found.  The others in the series ARE of the real thing
Folio Society
The Folio Society edition - Queen Lucia The Folio Society edition - Miss Mapp The Folio Society edition - Lucia in London The Folio Society edition - Mapp & Lucia The Folio Society edition - Lucia's Progress The Folio Society edition - Trouble for Lucia
The Folio Society edition - Slipcase illustration The Folio Society edition - book spines In 1994, the Folio Society produced a set of all six, with specially commissioned illustrations by Natacha Ledwidge, and an introduction by Brian Masters.  Alas, like many of Fred's books, this set is now out-of-print  No dustjackets; instead the set of six novels were sold in a case with specially commissioned drawings on the sides.  The same artist also provided illustrations for inside of the books.  Each book was bound in cloth, with an illustration on the front.
Far Left: the Slipcase illustration (please scuse the dark line down the right hand side; the picture runs over one corner of the slipcase!)  Left: the books in the slipcase.
Various other "Mapp & 
Lucia" editions
1931 US First Edition 1931 US First Edition Book Club Omnibus Mapp & Lucia - Penguin 1970s
"Mapp & Lucia" Doubleday Doran USA first edition (1931)
Many thanks to the patient Mary L. Perona for 
submitting these images of the Dust jacket and inner cover
- Mary would like to thank Ken Madden for technical assistance (as would!)
A Book Club edition from 1984; the cover uses a picture from the LWT/Channel 4 Television series.
Left: Geraldine McEwan as Lucia; Right: Prunella Scales as Mapp
"Mapp & Lucia" Penguin paperback from the 1970's. (Kindly submitted by Ian Harrod!)
Collections and Miscellaneous other editions
Penguin 'Lucia Rising' Omnibus edition Penguin 'Lucia Victrix' Omnibus edition The popular (and still available) Penguin Omnibus editions; each volume contains three novels (To order from, please click the pic!) Moyer Bell 'Lucia Triumphant' - Tom Holt Moyer Bell re-print of "Lucia Triumphant" by Tom Holt - according to this was published and is available, but we've never physically seen a copy!
(Clicking on the picture will take you to where you might still be able to order a copy!)
Other editions of the Lucia books
All About Lucia (Spine) - Queen Lucia - Doran - 1920 Trouble for Lucia (spine) Doubleday Doran - 1939 Make Way For Lucia omnibus - 1977
The Male Impersonator "The Male Impersonator"- a Tilling short story set pre-Lucia and concerning the arrival of a new member of Tilling Society.
The story was published in a severely limited edition booklet in 1928 (Price 6 Shillings) by The Woburn Books.
530 copies were produced, with 500 being put on sale (the remaining 30 copies were 'Presentation' copies) Each was signed and numbered by Fred. (For a copy of Fred's signature from this booklet, please see The Museum section!)
"The Male Impersonator" has been included with "Miss Mapp" in subsequent publishing's.
(Grateful thanks go to 'Blue Birdie' for kindly supplying the picture of this booklet)
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