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Benson's Book Covers!
Fred was a most prolific author, with well over 80 books to his credit by the time he died in 1940.  Here are some of those books, but not all; if you have an E.F.Benson cover or dust jacket not shown here (other than the Black Swan paperbacks, which appear elsewhere on this web page!), please email us!
We are particularly interested in surviving dustjackets of early or first editions; also in foreign language editions.

Special Thanks must go to "Miss Leg" for finding a great many of the following images on eBay, and to "Queen Charlotte's Mittens" for sending in so many from his personal collection!
PLEASE NOTE!  This page contains a lot of scanned images - it can, therefore, take some time to load.
Please be patient!

Short Stories
The House of Defence
Thorley Weir
Ghost Stories
David Blaize
The Valkyries
Old London
The Freaks of Mayfair
The Oakleyites
The Climber
The Osbornes
Colin II
Account Rendered
Visible & Invisible
The Relentless City
Secret Lives
The Fascinating Mrs Halton
The Tortoise
The Blotting Book
Spook Stories
The Challoners
Paying Guests
A Reaping
More Spook Stories
The Horror Horn
Mammon & Co.
Robin Linnet
David Blaize of King's
The Image in The Sand
The Room in the Tower
Book of Months
Mr Teddy

A US Omnibus edition of the 'Dodo' novels
(Thomas Y. Crowell Publishers, 1978,
Jacket design by Honi Werner)

"Dodo" - Left:1904 D. Appleton
Right: Homewood Publishing Company, Chicago

Happy Thougts Dodo
"Dodo - A Detail of the day" - Happy Thoughts paperback, Optimus Printing C, New York. September 12 1894

Fine FeathersDesirable Residences
"Fine Feathers" and "Desirable Residences", both compilations of Benson Short stories (including a previously unseen "Miss Mapp" story) edited by Jack Adrian.
(To order "Desirable Residences" from, click the pic!)
("Fine Feathers" - Oxford University Press (hardback), 1994 - Jacket illustration : detail from "The Japanese Fan", by
William Strang. Colnaghi & Co. Ltd., London.  Photo: The Bridgeman Art Library, London)
("Desirable Residences" - Ocford University Press (paperback), Cover illustration "The Red Hat" by Sir John Lavery, Private collection. Photo: Christie's)

The House of Defence
US edition of "The House of Defence"
(1906, B.E. Jones Co. Special Edition, Brocton, Mass. - New York and London,
The Authors and Newspapers Association)

Thorley Weir
"Thorley Weir"  1913,
 J.B. Lippincott Company, Philadelphia & London,

The Collected Ghost StoriesUS 'Collected Ghost Stories'
The Collected Ghost Stories of E.F.Benson - edited by Richard Dalby.  The collection has a Foreword by Joan Aitken and, in addition to the 54 previously published Ghost and 'Spook' stories, included Fred's non-fiction article "The Clonmel Witch Burning"
Left - UK edition published by Robinson Publishing, 1992 (Out of print);
Right - US edition published by Carroll & Graf Publishers, Inc., 1996
(To order the US edition from, click the pic!)

"Spook Stories" - A collection of Ghost and Horror writing - Hutchinson & Co, London, No Date
(Kindly supplied by "Queen Charlotte's Mittens")

"More Spook Stories" - 1st edition.Hutchinson.London 1934 (Thanks to Miss Leg!)

The Room in the Tower
"The Room in the Tower" - another collection of Fred's spooky writings from 1912 (UK 1st edition)
(Kindly supplied by 'Anon')

The Horror Horn
"The Horror Horn" - Panther pb, 1974

David Blaize
Left -

"David Blaize of King's" - 1924

"The Valkyries"

Old London SpinesPortrait of an English Nobleman (Georgian) - 1937Friend of the rich (Mid-Victorian) - 1937Janet (Victorian) - 1937The Unwanted (Edwardian) - 1937
The 'Old London' series; this edition published in 1937.
Left to right - Spines; "Portrait of an English Nobleman; Friend of the rich; Janet; The Unwanted
Portrait of an English NoblemanJanetThe UnwantedFriend of the Rich
Close ups pf the cover illustrations, with (at right) a photocopy of the dustjacket for "Friend Of The Rich" (Thanks to 'Mrs Wyse'!)

 Left - "Limitations" 1896  William Clowes & Sons, Ltd. London & Bombay. 1st Edition English novel issued for circulation in India and the Colonies only. It is from Bell's Indian & Colonial Library in Manilla.
Right - "Limitations - Ward & Lock, London, Inscription Xmas 1910 (Kindly submitted by "Queen Charlotte's Mittens"

The Relentless City
(With thanks to Miss Leg for finding these on!)
"The Relentless City" -  Left:1903 1st. edition.
Right: Thos. Nelson edition.

"Account Rendered" 1911 Doubleday, Page & Co.,

Bensoniana 1 - E.F.Benson SocietyBensoniana 2 - E.F.Benson SocietySome Social Criminals - E.F.Benson SocietyThe Heart of India - Hermitage Books
Some 'booklets' containing short stories and other items written by Fred.
Left to Right - Bensoniana 1 (The E.F.Benson Society 1992); Bensoniana 2 (The E.F.Benson Society 1993); Some Social Criminals (a collection of Fred's 'crime' stories - The E.F.Benson Society 1995); The Heart of India (three articles about India - Hermitage Books - 1994)

ArundelArundel (Spine)Arundel 1st edition, 1915, George H Doran Co. New York.
"Arundel" 6th impression T. Fisher Unwin 1916
Left - the embossed cover.  Centre the spine (these ARE from the same volume - the spine is somewhat faded; however, the title is embossed in gold)
Right - 1st edition, 1915, George H Doran Co. New York. (Thanks to "Queen Cahrlotte's Mittens"!)

"Michael" - no publication information available about this picture - it was 'borrowed' from!

The OakleyitesThe Oakleyites
"The Oakleyites" - Left - Nelson edition (Spine and cover)
Right - The Oakleyites, 2nd edition, Hodder & Stoughton.(Thanks to "Queen Charlotte's Mittens"!)

"The Climber" - Left: Grossett & Dunlap N.Y., 1st Edition 1908.
(Kindly supplied by "Queen Charlotte's Mittens")
Right: no information available.

"The Osbornes" - Doubleday Page & Co, N.Y.,1910 1st Edition.
(Kindly supplied by "Queen Charlotte's Mittens")

Colin II - 1925 George H.Doran US edition
Colin II 1925 George H.Doran US edition

1Visible  Invisible - 1924 George H. Doran US edition - 2 - 3 - 4
1 - Visible and Invisible 1924 George H. Doran US edition.
2 - Visible and Invisible - no details available (Kindly supplied by "Queen Charlotte's Mittens")
3 - 1923 UK 1st edition (Thanks to "Anon")
4 - Hutchinson edition (no date available) - Dust Jacket (from eBay)

Secret Lives
Secret Lives 1959 Curtis Books, N.Y US Paperback

The Tortoise
The Tortoise - 1917 George H. Doran Company

The Fascinating Mrs Halton
The Fascinating Mrs. Halton-1910. Grosset & Dunlap

The Blotting Book
The Blotting Book - 1908 Doubleday and Page

"The Challoners - JP Lippincott, Phila., 1904, 1st Edition.
(Kindly supplied by "Queen Charlotte's Mittens")

"Mezzanine" - no details available
(Kindly supplied by "Queen Charlotte's Mittens")

"Paul" - William Heinemann, Third Impression 1906.
(Kindly supplied by "Queen Charlotte's Mittens")

"Paying Guests" - Doubleday Coran, 1st Edition 1929
(Kindly supplied by "Queen Charlotte's Mittens")

"Sheaves" - Doubleday Page & Co, 1907, 1st Edition.
(Kindly supplied by "Queen Charlotte's Mittens")

"A Reaping" - Doubleday, Page & Company 1910 (Thanks to Miss Leg!)

"Mammon & Co." - D.Appleton 1899 (Thanks to Miss Leg!)

"Robin Linnet"

"The Image in The Sand" - 1905, J.B Lippincott Company
(Thanks to Miss Leg!)

The Freaks of Mayfair - Prion 2001
The Freaks of Mayfair 2001 Prion Books

The Book of Months - New York: Harper & Brothers, 1903 (from eBay)

Mr Teddy - T.Fisher Unwin, third impression 1917 (from eBay)

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