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Benson's Book Covers - The Hogarth and Millivres editions E.F.Benson (Sketch by Patrick Hamill)
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In the 1980's the Hogarth Press and 1990's Millivres reissued a number of Fred's books; the former in bright and colourul covers, the latter in somewhat starker, yet no less noticable, designs.  These are now, alas, pretty much out of print, but you might still find copies lurking in a bookshop somewhere!     We are not entirely sure how many Hogarth editions there were; if you know of any that do not appear on this page, please email us!
Dodo Mrs Ames The Freaks of Mayfair Paying Guests
Secret Lives An Autumn Sowing The Luck of the Vails The Blotting Book (thanks to 'Bevis Benneworth'!)
Cover illustrations by 'Ionicus'.
Non Fiction/Memoirs
As We Are Final Edition "Final Edition was Fred's last work, published 
posthumously in 1940.
An earlier Hogarth edition of "As We Were"
Cover illustrations by 'Ionicus'.
The Millivres Editions
Colin (1994) Colin II (1994) David of King's (1991) Ravens' Brood (1993) The Inheritor (1992)
Cover illustrations by Shane McGowan; cover design by Michael Tomkins.
("Colin II" and "Raven's Brood" are still shown as being available on; to order please click the pic!)
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