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Benson's Book Covers - Foreign Language Editions. E.F.Benson (Sketch by Patrick Hamill)
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Fred's works have been translated and published into a variety of languages, some of which are still in print!  Here are a few of them, if you know of any more please email us!
German Editions
Taschenbuch 'Lucia in London'
"Lucia in London", - Taschenbuch 1992
"Lucia In Noten" ("Trouble for Lucia") - Rogner & Bernhard Verlag, 1994
Cover design is the same as the Black Swan editions, by Lyndia Reiss.
"Miss Mapp" -  R. Piper Verlag, München 1991 "Miss Mapp" - French edition "Mapp et Lucia" - French edition "Le Talisman Des Vail" - French edition of "The Luck of The Vails"
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