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Benson  Pulped! E.F.Benson (Sketch by Patrick Hamill)
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Many of Fred's short Stories appeared, as was the way of things at the time, in magazines and periodicals - quite a few, after his death, in American 'Pulp' magazines.  Here are some of those we've found so far.
If you know of others (and there MUST be others!) please email us with details!
A scan of the cover would be nice, especially if the cover mentions Fred or the story title.

PLEASE NOTE: 'Pulp Fiction' magazines quite often have what might be considered 'Lurid' cover illustrations, some of which include scenes of violence or of a somewhat sexual nature (including partial, full or implied nudity).  These covers are included here in an attempt to show every aspect of Fred's published work, and these magazines are an important part of that, but we realise that some people may be offended by some of the imagery used in more 'Politically Incorrect' times!  If you might be offended by such imagery, may we suggest you don't look at the rest of this page, but instead go to another part of the website?

If you are happy to see such images, please scroll down!

"Famous Fantastic Mysteries"
August 1942 -
"The Outcast"
April 1946 - 
"Roderick's Story"
June 1946 - 
"Nobody's House"
December 1946 - 
"At The Farmhouse"
June 1947 - 
June 1950 - 
"Mrs. Amworth"
"Weird Tales"
June 1929 - 
"The Wishing-Well"
August 1929  - 
"The Hanging of 
Alfred Wadham"
October 1929 - 
"The Witch-Ball"
November 1929 - 
"The Bed by the Window"
December 1929 - 
"The Shuttered Room"
"Good Housekeeping"
Well, not strictly a 'Pulp', but some of Fred's stories were published in this popular magazine (along with others, such at the Atlantic Monthly (See below!)
July 1912 - 
"The Weaker Vessel"
"The Atlantic Monthly"
February 1934 - 
"As We Have Become - A 
Moral Inventory"
October 1938 - 
"The Daughters of Queen Victoria" 
(serialised from the book over a number of issues - 
as The Atlantic covers of this period do not vary wildly 
from month to month, the remaining parts of the 
serialisation  have not been added!)
Argosy All-Story Weekley
7th October 1922 - 
"The Outcast"
The Saturday Review of Literatire
3rd August 1940 - 
"Prose Without Patches"
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