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Fred's Bibliography (Part Two)  - Other Works E.F.Benson (Sketch by Patrick Hamill)
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The Bibliography which appears on these pages is based on a list of all the works of E.F.Benson which appeared in The Tilling Society Newsletter 26 and appears here by kind permission of Cynthia and Tony Reavell of The Tilling Society.  It has been slightly edited for .

List © 1995 Cynthia and Tony Reavell

Plays Collections and Translations Miscellaneous Notes
(nf) means non-fiction;  (s) means short stories.
1902 Aunt Jeannie Or Me (a play almost certainly unpublished)
1906 The Friend in the Garden (play almost certainly only published in story form)
1915 Dinner for Eight (play almost certainly unpublished)
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Collections and Translations
1978 La Chambre dans La Tour (a selection of horror stories translated into French (s)
1986 The Tale of an Empty House and other Ghost Stories.  Edited by C. Reavell (s)
Dronning Lucia (Queen Lucia translated into Danish by Rose-Marie Tvermoes)
1988 The Flint Knife: Further Spook Stories.  Edited by J. Adrian (s) (includes 12 stories from old numbers of periodicals and not hitherto published in E.F.B. books)
  Miss Mapp (translated into Catalan - same title - by C. Gerones & C.Urritz)
  Queen Lucia auf dem Lande (Queen Lucia translated into German by W. Richter)
1989 Reina Lucia(Queen Lucia translated into Catalan by N. Devant)
1990 Queen Lucia(translated into French - same title - by Y.-M. Deshays and P.Micel)
  Lucia in London (translated into German by H. Herzog)
1991 Desirable Residences & Other Stories.  Edited by J. Adrian (s) (includes 25 stories only ever previously published in periodicals)
1992 Miss Mapp (translated into German - same title - by S. Ruschmeier)
  Mapp und Lucia (translated into German by H. Herzog)
  Lucia a' Londres (Lucia in London translated intto French by Deshays &Micel)
  Miss Mapp (translated into French - same title - by Deshays & Micel)
  The Collected Ghost Stories of E.F. Benson.  Edited by R. Dalby (s)(consists of all 4 books of EFB's supernatural stories published in his lifetime plus the 1895 essay 'The Clonmel Witch-Burning')
  Bensoniana No. 1: Country House Parties; Ten Days in the Peloponese; A Page from the Diary of a Lotus Eater (pamphlet reprinted from early periodicals. E.F. Benson Society)
  Demoniacal Possession (pamphlet reprinted from 1932 article.  Hermitage Books)
  The Exposure of Pamela (s) (pamphlet reprinted from 1924 magazine. H. Bks)
  The Man Who Went Too Far (s) (pamphlet reprinted from 1904 magazine. H. Bks)
  The Myth of Robert Louis Stevenson (pamphlet reprint abridged from 2 1925 articles.  H. Bks)
  Two Types of Modern Fiction (pamphlet reprinted from 1928 article. H. Bks)
1993 Bensoniana No.2: A Creed of Manners; A Woman's Ambition; Mrs Naseby's Denial; The SnowStone (s) (pamphlet reprinted from an 1894 annual and 1900, 1894 and 1905 magazines. EFB Soc.)
  The Brontes: 3 articles and reviews - The Brontes; Emily Bronte; A Bronte Problem (pamphlet reprinted from various sources all 1936.  H. Bks)
  A Card of Casuistry: A Card of Casuistry; Guy's Candidate; For His Friends;A Little Headache (s) (pamphlet reprinted from 1903, 1909, 1904 and 1912 periodicals.  H. Bks)
  The Technique of The Ghost Story: a 1929 article and 3 supernatural stories-The Call; Dives & Lazarus; Boxing Night (s)(pamphlet reprinted from periodicals of 1926, 1939 and 1923.  H.Bks)
  Three Plus One: Tyrrhenian Tales - Smorf ia; Arturo's Boat; Teresa [etc.](s) (pamphlet reprinted from 1914, 1907 & 1915 magazines.  H. Bks)
  Mapp & Lucia (translated into French - same title - by Deshays & Micel)
1994 Snobs (The Freaks of Mayfair translated into French by A. Defosse)
  La Gloire de Lucia (Lucia's Progress translated into French by Deshays& Micel)
  Lucia im Aufwind (Lucia's Progress translated into German by S. Ruschmeier)
  Lucia in Noten (Lucia in Trouble translated into German by S. Ruschmeier)
  Fine Feathers & Other Stories.  Edited by J. Adrian (s) (includes 29 stories only ever previously published in periodicals)
  The Heart of India The Heart of India; The Golden Temple of Amritsar; Dewan-I-Khas (pamphlet reprinted from 3 articles from 1914 nos of Century Maqazine. H.Bks)
1995 Weepies: Thompson; A Mother of Men; The Limoges Manuscript; The Autumn & the Spring [etc.)(s) (pamphlet reprinted from periodicals of 1924, 1900, 1909 and 1908. H. Bks)
  Some Social Criminals: The  Crotalus; Mrs Lauderdale's Office; The Peacock Enamels; The Countess Hatso; The Bridgwater Club; The Clandon Crystal (s) (pamphlet reprinted from the 6 nos of The Onlooker from 19/10/1901 - 23/11/1901 EFB Soc.)
  A Midsummer Dream: A Midsummer Dream; Climbers & Godmothers; MagicWhite & Black; A Souvenir of the Air Raids; On Undesirable Information (pamphlet reprinted from various periodicalsand year books of 1911, 1920, 1933-4, 1919 and 1895.  H.Bks
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The following were issued as separate publications although each was also published as part of another book
1917 Deutschland uber Allah (subsequently publ. as chapter 5 of Crescent and Iron Cross)
1918 Poland and Mittel-Europa(publ. as chapter 1 of The White Eagle of Poland)
1923 And the Dead Spake & The Horror Horn - publ. U.S. only.  Included in Visible and Invisible
1924 Spinach & Reconciliation - publ. U.S. only.  Subsequently included in Spook Stories
  Expiation & Naboth's Vineyard - publ.  U.S. only   Subsequentlyincluded in Spook Stories
  The Face - publ. U.S. only.  Subsequently included in Spook Stories
1925 A Tale of an Empty House & Bagnell Terrace - publ. U.S. only.  Subsequently included in Spook Stories
  The Temple - publ. U.S. only.  Subsequently included in Spook Stories1930
  The Step.  Subsequently included in More Spook Stories
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Notes Total: 105 Books, including 4 jointly written.  85 are fiction (consisting of: 70 novels;  10 books of short stories;  3 books of his own quotations;  plus The Mad Annual & The Freaks of Mayfair) and 20 non-fiction.  These figures exclude: 17 pamphlets;  3 almost certainly unpublished plays;  3 books edited or co-edited by EFB;  the 1974, 1986 and 1992 selections and collection of supernatural stories (which all consist almost entirely of material published in various earlier books);  and the 16 translations of works of fiction by Benson.
Note that most of the recent pamphlet reprints are in limited editions and all are in small print-runs.
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