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Fred's Bibliography (Part One)
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The six Mapp and Lucia novels (including the story The Male Impersonator) have been available in reprint since the early 1970s.
U.S. publication dates have generally been given only where they predate those for the U.K.  All but a handful of titles were published in the U.S.A. as well as in the U.K., including all of the novels and most of the biographies but excluding several of the short story selections and most of the Eustace Miles collaborations and sporting titles.
Omnibus editions, such as the U.S. editions of the Mapp and Lucia and the Dodo novels, have not been listed.  Excluded also are such ephemera as catalogues and town guides with introductory notes by E.F. Benson.
In addition, Benson's stories - notably supernatural ones - have been, and continue to be, included in various anthologies.  A humorous tale of his, Aunts and Pianos, not previously included in any of his books of stories, was published in The Funny Bone, edited by Cynthia Asquith in 1928.  Numerous stories and articles of his, many never published in book form, also appeared in a wide variety of publications during his lifetime.
The Bibliography which appears on these pages is based on a list of all the works of E.F.Benson which appeared in The Tilling Society Newsletter 26 and appears here by kind permission of Cynthia and Tony Reavell of The Tilling Society.  It has been slightly edited for .

List © 1995 Cynthia and Tony Reavell

1888-1899 1900-1910 1911-1920 1922-1930 1933-1940
(nf) means non-fiction;  (s) means short stories.
1888 Sketches from Marlborough (anon.)
1893  Dodo
  Six Common Things (s) (U.S. ed.publ. 1894 entitled A Double Overture and contains an extra story)
1895  The Rubicon
  The Judgement Books
  Notes on Excavations in Alexandrian Cemeteries (nf) (with D.G. Hogarth; pamphlet)
1896  Limitations
1897  The Babe B.A. (publ.U.S. 1896)
1898  The Money Market
  The Vintage
1899  The Capsina
  Mammon & Co.
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1900 The Princess Sophia
1901 The Luck of the Vails
1902 Scarlet and Hyssop
Daily Training (nf) (with Eustace Miles)
1903 The Valkyries
An Act in a Backwater
The Book of Months
The Relentless City
The Mad Annual (with Eustace Miles)
The Cricket of Abel, Hirst and Shrewsbury (nf) (with Eustace Miles)
A Book of Golf (nf) (edited by E.F.B. and Eustace Miles)
1904 The Challoners
1905  The Image in the Sand
Diversions Day by Day (nf) (with Eustace Miles)
1906 Paul
The Angel of Pain (pubi. U.S. 1905)
1907 Sheaves
The House of Defence (Canadian ed. and a limited American ed. publ. 1906 and differ from the English ed.)
1908 The Climber
The Blotting Book
English Figure Skating (nf)
1909 A Reaping
1910  Daisy's Aunt (U.S. ed. - The Fascinating Mrs Halton)
The Osbornes
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1911 Juggernaut (U.S.ed. - Margery publ. 1910)
  Account Rendered
1912 The Room in the Tower (s) (the 1929 ed. omits one story)
  Mrs Ames
  Bensoniana (E.F.B. quotations)
1913 Thoughts from E.F.Benson compiled by E.E. Morton
  Thorley Weir
  The Weaker Vessel
  Winter Sports in Switzerland (nf)
  The 2-volume Waverley Edition of Charles Dickens's Nicholas Nickleby (edited and introduced by E.F. Benson)
1914 Arundel
  Dodo the Second (U.S. ed. - Dodo's Daughter publ. 1913 - differs slightly from the U.K. ed.)
1915 The Oakleyites
1916 Mike (U.S.ed. - Michael)
  David Blaize
  The Freaks of Mayfair
  Thoughts from E.F. Benson compiled by H.B. Elliott
1917 Mr Teddy (U.S. ed.- The Tortoise)
  An Autumn Sowing
1918 David Blaize and the Blue Door
  Up and Down (nf/f)
  The White Eagle of Poland (nf)
  Crescent and Iron Cross (nf)
1919 Across the Stream
  Robin Linnet
  The Social Value of Temperance (nf) (monograph by the True Temperance Assoc.)
1920 Queen Lucia
  The Countess of Lowndes Square (s)
  Our Family Affairs (nf)
  Lovers and Friends
  Dodo Wonders
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1922 Miss Mapp
1923 Colin
  Visible and Invisible (s)
1924 Alan
  David of King's (U.S. ed. - David Blaize of King's)
1925 Colin II
  Mother (nf)
1926 Mezzanine
  Pharisees and Publicans
1927 Lucia in London
  Sir Francis Drake (nf)
1928 Spook Stories (s)
  Life of Alcibiades (nf)
1929 The Male Impersonator(s) (inc. in reprints of Miss Mapp from 1970)
  Paying Guests
  Ferdinand Magellan (nf)
1930 The Inheritor
  As We Were (nf)
Henry James: Letters to A.C. Benson and Auguste Monod (nf) (edited and introduced by E.F. Benson)
Mapp & Lucia
Charlotte Bronte (nf)
Secret Lives
As We Are
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1933 Travail of Gold
King Edward VII (nf)
The Outbreak of War, 1914 (nf)
1934 Ravens' Brood
More Spook Stories (S)
1935 Lucia's Progress (U.S.ed. - Worshipful Lucia)
Queen Victoria (nf)
The Kaiser and English Relations (nf)
1937 Old London 4 vols: Portrait of an English Nobleman (Georgian); Friend of the Rich (Mid-Victorian); Janet (Victorian); The Unwanted (Edwardian)
1939 Trouble for Lucia
  Daughters of Queen Victoria (nf) (U.S. ed. - Queen Victoria's Daughters publ 1938)
1940  Final Edition (nf)
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