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A selection of links to web sites and home pages with E.F.Benson or Tilling subject matter.
(If any of the following links is 'broken', please do let us know and we will make every effort to 'fix' it!)
Radio Tilling An occasional podcast devoted to the life and works of E.f.Benson
E.F.Benson Web Site -- Welcome
Moyer Bell (Current US Publishers of E.F.Benson books)
Gatherings of the Benson List  Pictures of various gatherings of Benson MailingList members around the world.
Lord Tony's Ham Page Home to, amongst other things, "The Tilling Scandals"...
Mrs.Titus W. Trout's Fisherman's Cottage E.F.Benson, Tilling and High Fashion; all are discussed in Mrs Trout's pleasant home!
Pug's Place - An offshoot of the E.F. Benson Discussion List
Robert Ross' Tilling Photographs of Benson related places and people fanfiction and original poetry
Roger's Photograph Album Pictures of Benson and Marie Corelli related places
Blue Birdie My Sweet! 'The Life Story of a Drawing Room Budgerigar'.
Rye Tourism Web Site East Sussex UK - The official web site of Rye (or 'Tilling' in the Bensonite world!); details of things to do, places to visit, accommodation and more; there is also a page devoted to E.F.Benson.
Tea Time in Tilling Lucia's "Home Page", with all sorts of interestingitems to look at...
Tilling on TV A site devoted to the television adaptation of "Mapp & Lucia'; pictures, episode synopses and more.
Gatta's E.F.Benson Page A picture of Fred, a link to the E.F.Benson Web site (not this one! The other, older, one!) and links to stories from "TheFlint Knife"as well as other interesting materials (including the New York Times Obituary of E.F.Benson)
The Benson Base A brief biography of Fred; some links to other Benson sites, and links to some of his books on and and to videotapes of his "Mapp & Lucia" stories at  Also photographs from various Tilling Gatherings (including Miss Leg's pictures of the 1999 Tilling Society Get-together!)
British and Irish Authors on the web A comprehensive directory of websitesdevoted to British and Irish authors maintained by Mitsuharu Matsuokaat the  Nagoya University Japan.  The site is well worth a look; all sorts of authors are included, even the more obscure ones!
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Fred's work online
Mrs. Amworth One of Benson's Short Stories online
Mrs. Amworth Same Story, Different Website!
"The Recent Witch Burning at
Clonmel" (1895)
The text of an article Fred wrote about the Bridget Cleary case in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland.  (Text courtesy of Gaslight)
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Fred's Family Online!
Some links to other Benson family related content.
R.H.Benson A page devoted to the life and works of Robert Hugh Benson, Fred's brother, who became a Catholic Monsignor
R.H.Benson Bibliography Listing of the works of R.H.Benson
Excavations of Mut A site about past and present excavations at Karnak in Egypt, presented by The Brooklyn Museum of Art and the Detroit Institute of Arts - there are a couple of pages describing the dig by Maggie Benson (Fred's sister) which also mentions Fred on more than one occasion.
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