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(or Pterry)
I was introduced to Terry Pratchett by friends who were 'into' the Discworld books; coincidentally I had seen reviews of "The Colour of Magic" computer game, for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.
It took a while for me to actually go out and read a Pratchett book; in fact, I met the author at a book signing in London before I even had the chance to read one word!
I eventually got "The Colour of Magic" and "The Light Fantastic" but it was a struggle, and I put off getting any of the others for years.  When, finally, I started on the rest of the books covering the Discworld, I was immediately hooked...
There are loads of  websites devoted to Pterry and his works, as well as a couple of newsgroups, such as alt.books.pratchett and (amongst others!)
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Back Catalogue The following is a list of his books (this list is in more-or-less chronological order!) Click on the picture to order the book from!  (Unless otherwise stated, all links point to the paperback editions.)
The Colour of Magic
The Light Fantastic Equal Rites Mort MovingPictures
Sourcery Small Gods Reaper Man Wyrd Sisters
Witches Abroad
Eric Guards! Guards! Lords and Ladies Men at Arms
Maskerade InterestingTimes Jingo Feetof Clay
Carpe Jugulum
Soul Music The Last Continent The Fifth Elephant The Truth
Night Watch Monstrous Regiment Going Postal
Thief of Time Night Watch Monstrous Regiment Going Postal (hardback)
Comic Books/Graphic Novels
The Last Hero
Younger Readers books
The Amazing Maurice 
and his 
Educated Rodents
Tiffany Aching series
The Wee Free Men A Hat full of Sky
The Wee Free Men A Hat Full of Sky
Johnny Maxwell series The Bromeliad Trilogy
Johnny Maxwell set Slipcased set of 
"Only You Can Save Mankind", 
"Johnny and the Dead" 
"Johnny and the Bomb" 
(Recently adapted for BBC TV)
Bromeliad Trilogy One Volume containing 
Johnny Maxwell set The Bromeliad
Other Books
The Unadulterated Cat
(With Gray Jolliffe)
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